Holgado Thunder Maker

Holgado Thunder Maker


The ultimate Thunder Maker in town. Made from locally sourced Atlanta Spalted Maple for the body, and locally grown Avedissian Pickups, always organically harvested :)

Simplicity is key with low end. This machine produces a myriad of different sounds due to a great airy maple body, thick mahogany neck, dark and pingy phenolic fretboard, and INCREDIBLE pickups wired correctly. If you’re a bass man who actually uses a volume and tone knob, this is the instrument for you. If you’re a player who doesn’t, this will ensure you do! Tone all the way up or down, or anywhere in between - is a sweet, useable sound.

Locally sourced Atlanta Spalted Maple one piece body!

Mahogany neck, sprayed satin black

Phenolic (bowling ball) fretboard with jumbo frets

All black Wilkinson heavy bass bridge

Black Wilkinson bass tuners

****Avedissian overwound P-bass set**** (just so incredible, they get the fancy stars)

250k CTS pots, handwired with paper/oil caps and switchcraft jack

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