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Same-Day Repairs

Custom Guitars


Let’s talk, I’m YOUR luthier.

Send me a message with any questions or concerns

regarding your instrument, or a future instrument to be!

All work is appointment based!

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Talk to me, book an appointment, and leave with your instrument fixed!

Holgado Guitar Works - YOUR Luthier/Tech

Maintenance, Repairs, and Modifications!

Contact me via email, text, call, or Facebook/Instagram - let me know whats going on with your instrument, and when is a good day for you to come by for repairs. We schedule you an appointment and we spend an hour or so taking care of your instrument together while enjoying a coffee or beverage. Soon after, you get to test your instrument through top of the line amplifiers and pedals to make sure you’re perfectly satisfied with how it plays, instead of finding out once you’re home.

Sure beats dropping it off for 10 days, huh?

Some cases require a bit of flexibility, and

maybe a pick-up/drop off scenario

  • Fret Dress

  • Refret

  • Finish Work

  • Extensive wiring

  • Full overhaul

Custom Builds

Always had an instrument on your mind, but never found it at the big box stores? I’m here to be your personal guitar builder, and make that instrument come to life! I’m a schooled guitar builder, and I’ve developed my own wonderful style and aesthetic for my guitars. Contact me with ideas on body shape, pickup configuration/wiring, frets, scale length, lumber choices, etc.

Scroll down to read about guitars made from the Atlanta’s legendary Masquerade-made Guitars!

Click below to see a gallery of builds and pricing.

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Atlanta’s Masquerade-made Guitars

Made from the very bones of our beloved North Ave’s Purgatory, these guitars live and bleed the history that rang through those walls - not only the thunderous music, but dating back to the mill’s creation dated as far back as 1890!

Only about 3-4 bodies remain!

About Me

MY NAME IS Tomas Holgado

I’m a home based full-time guitar builder and repair tech, musician, boyfriend, dog lover, and overall people person. I built my life around hanging out with musicians, talking about tones and songs, etc. Come be a part of it!